We Are What We Eat

January 2016 — Fascinating, we truly are what we eat…had an awesome class at UTEP ‘Culinary Philosophy’ first opened my eyes to this topic. I had the most amazing professor, we would read articles about colonization of a particular place and then at the end of the week we would watch a movie that reflected what we had just learned. I found myself enthralled with the art of what goes into our body, where it comes from, what is the sacred tradition of its preparation. We studied the symbolism of connecting mind, body and spirit through food. That truly was the start of a paradigm shift for me. I was more conscious as a consumer after that. Not saying I kicked the Starbucks habit, BUT I did start to alter to include more mom and pop shops. I researched what the effects were from the places that my coffee was coming from, whose hands were the ones that sifted through these cocoa beans. I remember when I visited Hawaii, (years later) I was consumed with the sadness from the Dole Plantations because I could see what the mass consumer needs had done to the people of this paradise island. The same thing when I visited Puerto Rico, you see the effects of our “consumption” in all truth of the word. Across the globe.  I digress. What was appealing about this article was the return to holistic truth of the food that was always part of our heritage is actually shown (scientifically proven) to be much better for our bodies.  — “a 2005 study published in a cancer journal showing that foreign-born Latinas living in the San Francisco Bay Area were 50 percent less likely to have breast cancer than those born in the U.S.” —


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